Sunday, March 8, 2009

A big milestone!

Drumroll please.... Will is walking!!   Check out our video feed on the side bar for clips of this latest major achievement-- what an incredible feeling to watch my offspring walk away from me on his own two feet.  It happened for the first time (not counting the odd step here and there) at a cousin's wedding two weeks ago.  The reception was at a recreation center, and Will and I spent most of the time outside in the parking lot checking out an old tractor (seventh heaven).  Then he decided he wanted to investigate a mud puddle about 10 feet away.  So we started off as usual with him holding tight to my finger, and about 3 steps later he let go of my finger on his own accord and toddled off by himself!  He went about 12-15 steps before he lost his balance and sat down hard (good thing they've got plenty of padding!).  Then he turned around and gave me this enormous surprised grin, like "Wow, Mom, did you see that!!!!"  He was so pleased with himself--he's old enough to understand exactly what a big deal this particular achievement is.  The best part was that all our "rellys" were there at the reception, and after I stuck my head through the door and said, "James, Will is walking!" they all started watching too.  I would help Will to his feet, and he would take a few steps, and then look through the windows at his audience inside to make sure they were all watching and clapping!  Such a little ham-- he had them all eating out of his hand.  :)  I couldn't believe all the emotions I felt-- such a sense of incredible victory and achievement combined with loss of control and fear for his safety... It was terrifying and exhilarating at the same time.  I can't describe it.  

Since then he's been alternating between clingy and independent, foraging off on his own more and more but coming back for long cuddles with both arms tight around my neck and his cheek pressed against my face... It's like a coming of age of some kind-- he can tell he's entered a new phase, and he wants to explore it, but he's also realizing that means he can go farther away from me and he's not sure how he feels about that.  (How's that for over-analyzation!)  What a ride, becoming a parent.  Everything is always changing, every day is new, and life certainly will never be boring again!


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