Saturday, June 25, 2011

Five Minute Friday: Wonder

{I love taking part in Lisa-Jo's Five Minute Friday challenge... write for 5 minutes without stopping, or editing - just 5 minutes of splashed thoughts on a prompt, and see what comes out.  This is the first Friday in about a month I've actually been online to do this live!}

This week's prompt: Wonder...


Wonder... Wonderful God.  Wonder like a child's heart, wonder how long it will take me to find a child's heart of my own.  Wonder at Your creation, wonder at Your creating me, with all my imperfections.  Wonder even more at Your loving me, despite those imperfections.  

Wonder at Your calling me to wifehood, to motherhood, wonder immensely at the gifts those names are, the privilege - wonder hugely at the weight of responsibility and depth of joy inherent in those words.

Wonder at Your stunning magnificent capacity for redemption, for picking up all my broken pieces and restoring my days to joy, for loving my children through me, even though I scream and rage and destroy as much as I build up... wonder at Your all-powerful forgiveness, and the sheer life-giving power of Your words.  Wonder why if You live inside me every word I speak, why are so many of my words not filled with Your life?

Wonder at the miracle of life, wonder at Your giving it to me, and wonder at Your giving me the capacity to give life through my body.  Wonder at the two miracles I have birthed, and wonder at the stunning presence of You through them to me every day.

I wonder why I don't see / enjoy / experience / revel / delight / dance in joy more often.



  1. I really enjoyed this today. Simple words, beautifully written, and I could relate to SO much of it. Kudos.

  2. GREAT post.

    I can especially relate to the part where you talk about the Lord loving your children through you despite tearing down what we are also building up..amen...praise the Lord for His faithfulness despite our faithlessness

    such a beauitful beautiful grace filled post

    Jessica (from the

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