Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Multitudes on Monday: Simple Home Blessings

#366-402 of His simple treasures

366. The sunflower smiling from my kitchen table, which grew from a seed my son planted.

367. Elizabeth Goudge to curl up with at naptime.
368. The Dean’s Watch, its beautiful colors, living characters and deep truths.

369. "Bells" (on my phone!) calling me to prayer three times a day.

370. A fan in my kitchen.
371. A generator (to work the fan!)
372. Apricot jam, made with fruit from our “future trees”.
373. A stove to boil water with.
374. Water to boil.
375. A breezy, cool day after scorching heat.
376. Jam jars lined up, waiting to be washed and filled.

377. Two good naps from two sweet boys.
378. The way their room smells sweetly of sleep after they wake up.
379. A pile of clean, dry laundry waiting to be folded.
380. The person who invented rubber gloves.
381. Rubber gloves (for dealing with messy cloth diapers).
382. Free cloth diapers from this friend.

383. The pleasure of putting away clean dishes.
384. A brand-new flowered kitchen tablecloth.
385. A whole jar of honey.
386. The movement of the breeze billowing the lace curtain across our front door.
387. The pleasurable feeling of putting down the dish I’m washing when the bell rings, picking up a book of prayer, turning to the hour’s page, and (like wiping away steam on a mirror) becoming freshly aware of Jesus’ presence…

388. The interruption of my conscientious eldest running to tell me my youngest is in the wading pool, all alone, and with all his clothes on!
389. The surge of maternal adrenaline through my whole body as I race to fish him out, discipline him, and change his clothes, and the wisdom to dump the water out of the pool. (duh!)

390. (back to prayer) The overwhelming power of the words of these prayers, written so many years ago, to awaken my heart to Scripture, fill me with longing for heaven, and unite my spirit to Christ’s, here, in this present moment!  
391. My renewed heavenward vision as I go back to washing dishes!

392. The laughter of my boys outside, learning how to play together.
393. The cool scent of long-awaited rain.
394. Packaged chicken breast from the city stocking my freezer.
395. Daddy coming home.
396. Dinner ready on the stove.
397. Changing into his favorite shirt on purpose, and how much that changes my mood and outlook.
398. The belly-giggles of two small boys being chased by a roaring Daddy-lion.
399. Apricot jam “jamming” on the stove.
400. Bare feet in the rain.
401. An unsolicited kiss from my youngest, his sweet moist face pressed against mine, sheer joy radiating from his eyes.  

401. The pleasure of being a Mom.


  1. Visiting from Multitudes on Monday...Lovely list! I can appreciate all of those items too. I'm also a mother of two boys. Mine are 6 & 9. Blessings!

  2. Such a rich list of God's blessings! And oh how many times my prayers are interrupted! But He's always there isnt He?