Wednesday, June 13, 2012

can God really do anything?

One of the little neighbor boys was over to play the other day, and he and Will and Ben were all happily rough-housing on the veranda.  Suddenly the neighbor boy came running in to find me: “Aunty Carolyn, Ben has the pump!”  (He meant the bicycle pump we keep for pumping up our locally-bought sports balls, which very quickly go soggy.)  I went out to the veranda to check on what was happening…
I wish I had a picture to post here of what I saw:
Ben had the pump, and with one hand he was pointing the little pin at the end into his belly-button, and with the other he was stretching unsuccessfully to grab the long pump handle and start pumping.  
“Ben, what are you doing?!”
“Mommy, I want my belly to be big-Big-BIGger!!”  (From my last post you’ll remember that there is already one big-Big-BIGger belly in our family: mine…)
I laughed so hard I nearly cried.  I didn’t even have the heart to explain how a bicycle pump really works, or why you shouldn’t stick pointy things into your belly-button… I just laughed and took the pump away and hugged him til he squealed with delight.
Why can’t life be more like that?  Why can’t we just take things literally and not sweat so much over what we don’t understand?  Why can’t we just take God at His word?  That when He says He’ll be with us, He really is, all the time?  That when He says He’ll look after us, He really will? 
If a bicycle pump can make a ball “big-Big-BIGger”, why not a tummy?  If God can really do anything, why don’t I trust Him more?  

* * * *
What are you struggling to trust God with today?

Which part of God’s word do you need to take as literally as a two-year-old?


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