Sunday, August 12, 2012

for all you recovering perfectionists out there {The True Meaning of "Perfection"}

I’m telling you, the Internet is an amazing thing.  

Just watching myself write that makes me feel like an old fogey, but seriously.  I am just now getting this fact: I can be blessed by looking at someone’s face I have never met (and maybe will never meet in real life), and hearing her voice from my screen lovingly speak words of truth that resonate with my own heart.  

Any other recovering perfectionists like me out there?

Take 3 minutes to e-visit over here and have coffee with the lovely, encouraging Holley Gerth.  You'll be blessed like I just was.  

And I am going to have to figure out new ways of understanding and using this incredible tool called “Internet” for blessing hearts.  It truly is amazing.


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