Saturday, March 2, 2013

Five Minute Friday: Ordinary

{Every Friday, Lisa-Jo Baker posts a prompt, and lots of wonderful people write for 5 minutes with no editing and no "perfection-izing".  This week's prompt is ORDINARY...}


Ordinary.  Our ordinary feels pretty bizarre to me some days.  Lately, for the past 6 months, ordinary for us has included moving around the world, living in three different countries, scraping together a routine (or just scrapping it altogether some days)... ordinary has been exhausting, stretching, and nauseatingly filled with upheaval...

but also, full of joy.  Freshness.  A new daughter to love.  Waking up to her each morning feels like Christmas every day - the opposite of ordinary.  My two little boys, precious, unique - ordinary in their underpants and buzz cuts, getting dressed every morning and changed into jammies every evening... they're both big brothers now, and that feels anything but ordinary.

What exactly is ordinary?  Mundane?  Does it mean "the things we do every day"?  Lately, we go down to a buffet breakfast every morning at our hotel here in Bangkok, and that's starting to feel ordinary because we've been here so long, but a buffet breakfast in Bangkok is anything but ordinary in most people's lives!  I think for me the ordinary is becoming precious, because I miss the little mundane details of our life in Central Asia (finally!)... never thought I'd say that after we left 6 months ago and I couldn't wait to leave, to have a break, to be taken care of... but the day has finally arrived.

I'm longing for ordinary.


(A few photos from our time at my parents' house in CA...)


  1. Carolyn! Thanks for sharing your version of ordinary. I lived in Asia (South Korea) for 5 years and know there is nothing ordinary about it... at first. And then it does become the norm. I pray you would find moments in every day that are ordinary. Normal. and Settling. I suspect that the best place to find ordinary (i.e. stable) is on the rock of our faith. I need to do more of that too. Blessings to you and your sweet family! xoxo

  2. I love how you ask what is ordinary? I think everyone has their own idea of what it is and sometimes it feels so unwelcome. I hoep that I can stop hoping for something that may not exist and be happy living in the ordinary. Thanks for your words this morning!