Thursday, July 2, 2009

buying a high chair... who knew the fun involved?

So, we’re looking for a high chair for Will. We figure we might as well just buy one locally, since we spotted some nice-looking wooden ones at our local bazaar, a little chair and table set which stack on top of each other to make a high chair. The one we eventually settle on comes in a kit, and they tell us it will be easy to put together ourselves. We take it home. Upon opening the box, we discover there are no directions inside, but thankfully there is a picture on the box. The first snag happens when trying to fit the pressed board tabletop into its frame. It doesn’t fit. One side curves out and the other in. Plus, there seem to be some pieces missing. After an hour of laboring away trying to force the thing, we decide to take it back to the seller and have him put it together. A few days later we go back to pick it up. He shows us how he’s successfully assembled it (implying it wasn’t that hard), but when we look at the table part, the wooden frame has already split completely apart (remember how it wouldn’t fit for us either?). So he gives us a second kit and we get it home only to find out it’s a slightly different model and there are no screws in the box. Plus, this box doesn’t have a picture. But, they did throw in a few extra pieces of wood—just in case. Undaunted, we set about putting this one together, and as I write James is successfully completing the little chair… Central Asia Lesson: if at first you don’t succeed, learn to live with crap.

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  1. That Central Asia lesson at the end made me laugh so hard!!!

    p.s. I miss you and our talks.