Saturday, May 29, 2010


I accept.

I accept Your challenge: I accept these limits.

I accept Your will, I accept Your word, I accept Your grace

to live each day as though it is my last, and not worry about writing it all down.

To not care about what people think, to not compete for cutest blog of the year, to not worry about whether my writing is pithy or interesting, to not even care how often I post or how many comments I get.

To enjoy my boys, and let go of not being able to share every minute glorious (and mundane) detail with others who love them... to trust that's somehow for good...

To post my life here in words, not pictures-- word pictures.

I trust You.

I believe You want us here, and You want us free, You want us surrendered. I believe You want me to write music, to live whole-soully, to throw open my heart and let go into You.

To live, fully, thankfully, trustingly...

Help me.


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