Tuesday, September 14, 2010

in just two hours...

...I will start a music class.

Why haven't I told anybody? Because I'm scared.

Scared it won't go well. Scared it won't be perfect. Scared no one will come. Scared these moms and littlies won't understand me. Scared the songs won't come together, that it will all fall flat, that my logic won't hold up and they won't understand why in the world I'm trying to do this.

Why am I doing this?

What's the point (they all ask me) of teaching music to children who can hardly walk? Why don't you open an English class for older kids? They're the ones that need the help-- they're the ones who can read.

Well, yes. But one-year-olds can read too-- they can read hearts. And three-year-olds may just be learning to make sentences, but they've been listening for 3 whole years. And what have they heard, in this culture that ignores kids until they're old enough to go to school? This culture that brushes past kids until they make too big of a ruckus to be ignored, and then whales down on them with an iron fist and cutting words that reduce them to tears, and they run away angry and hurt and not understanding why no one will pay them attention? What have they heard?

Certainly not about how much God loves them.

Certainly not about how there are beautiful things in this world that God made, and through those beautiful things we can know a bit about Him.

Certainly they haven't heard much music.

That's why I'm doing this.

So pray for me. I'm sorry I've been too chicken to ask before, but now, I'm asking: Pray for me! Pray for my words in all sorts of languages, for my heart to be right, for good planning, for courage, for God's choice of kids and moms to show up, for God Himself to show up in our living room with my rainbow ring and my puppet teddy bear and make a Difference in these kids' lives, in their moms' lives, in this town-- for His glory.

That's why I'm doing this. For His glory.

I'm just nervous it won't shine through... So pray with me, please?


  1. Yes, yes, yes! I can't help but remember those precious, shining 3rd grade faces and voices singing "Hohohohosanna, Hahahalelujah, HeHeHeHe is alive..." And they were singing that because YOU were courageous enough to step out and teach them! 2 Cor 2:14 is true of YOU TODAY AND EVERY DAY. As I was refreshed this morning...our absolute inadequacy is the only prerequisite required. Love you, sister!