Saturday, May 14, 2011

Five-Minute Friday: Deep Breath...

{So every Friday (or Saturday, in my case this week) Lisa-Jo at The Gypsy Mama offers a prompt for 5 minutes of unedited, stream-of-consciousness writing... a good chance to turn off the internal Editor breathing down our necks, and just write.}

This week's prompt: 

"Deep Breath..."


Deep breath, and here we go... into a day of extra kids, weddings, wonderful short-term teammates, ripped fingernails, stressed out three-year-olds being very brave, insistent toddlers who can't get enough face-time, touch-time, talk-time, interaction... 

Deep breath, and here we go into blustery, sunny spring in Central Asia, with complications and relationships and not offending and meaning to bless, birthdays and long sunset walks.

Deep breath, and here we go... into mothering and wife-ing and Jesus-loving, into all the things I want to be and wish I could be and am, into art and creating and trying to relax in the midst of it all...

Deep breath-- in, then out.  ::sigh::  And falling back into Jesus, like an armchair of Grace, like a hug,-- and comes  the sound of my toddler shaking something rattly at the front door, and I use a minute of my writing-breathing space to relieve him of the container of crayons he would take outside and draw all over our white-washed walls... 

Deep breath... into my life, into loving Jesus today, into finding grace in this moment, into moving forward.  One. Step.  At. A. Time.  Filling the form.  Finding the next thing, and doing it bravely.  Into being faithful.  Into being real and authentic.  

Deep breath... in, and out.  Dori, from Finding Nemo: "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming..."

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  1. Do you think of Ben Stallings every time you think of Dori saying that or is that just me? :) I thought of you Friday...I was leaving the Mac Center walking by our gray building and realized I was wearing the beautiful bag you gave me for Christmas that year. My eyes and my heart welled up with love and joy and thanks (once again) as I remembered the preciousness of that amazing year. Was it only one year?