Friday, May 6, 2011

Five Minute Friday: "Motherhood should come with...


Motherhood should come with... instruction manual.  A book that tells you how to change diapers, change your idea of personal space, change your idea of how many hours of sleep you actually need, versus how many you want.

...a healthy dose of humor, and a warning against perfectionism.  A list of unending ideas of how to learn to play, for those of us who don't naturally know what to do in that area!

...a lifeline to God, that keeps you connected to His strength day and night, that allows you never to get impatient or "yelly" with your kids, no matter how exasperated you feel.  An intravenous of peace.

...a measure of wisdom beyond what you normally possess, that enables you to choose between impossible decisions like "rescue the boiling pot on the stove or wipe the blood off my son's lip?" or "quick bring the laundry in from the rain or break up a rolling tumbling fight?"

...another measure of wisdom, more visionary this time, that lets you see into the future like a prophetess and provide for your children exactly the tools they'll need to succeed at what God is calling them to do... a special second sight that lets you identify gifts early, nurture them perfectly, encourage them faithfully, and see your children become all they were created to be.

(Hmmm... interesting that most or all of this I already have, and His name is the Holy Spirit?  What if I'm just not appropriating it?  ...)



  1. Amen to all of it, but specially that lifeline to God.

  2. What an awesome post Carolyn! You've listed just about everything this mother of two boys and a girl has prayed earnestly for at one time or another. And you've come to the place I came to after those prayers - we already have most of these things (if not all) through the Holy Spirit. I just haven't mastered hearing Him in the midst of all the noise that comes with my three. Sometimes I think God must have given us children, who aren't usually very good listeners, so that we could understand what He must feel when we don't listen well to Him. Your boys are beautiful! Blessings to you all -

  3. Love it! What a great exercise in journaling. I love how the two you have posted so far you discover your answer as you write. It feels very organic. Thanks for sharing.