Wednesday, October 29, 2008

hello, followers!

the Tylenol bottle-- a favorite toy :)

"Sink bath" in Bangkok :)

(playing with "new" toys at Grandma Mary's house, after being gone for a month)

Thanks to those of you who wrote to tell me you were following our blog... definitely motivates me to keep writing!  Here are a couple more recent photos of Will to share-- he turned 11 months old today!  (Where does the time go?)  Recent tricks include: waving goodbye (when he feels like it), scooting the 10 metres or so from the living room to the kitchen, enjoying banging on his new highchair (we broke down and bought one, finally), 

I'm still working on figuring out how to upload videos to youtube and make a link here so you can see them.  Slowly but surely I'm getting blog-savvy... Why does this process make me feel so old?  Also, I'm frustrated that when I insert pictures they always appear at the beginning of the post, no matter where I put my cursor... not sure why that is.  And the fact that when I copy and paste text from word documents, it shows up below the posting window but won't appear in the window itself... grrr.  (Also, I can't use my computer keys to make things bold or italic, I actually have to move my mouse to the blog toolbar and change it manually every time... this blog thing isn't all it's cracked up to be, in my opinion.  Has anyone find a more helpful bloghost?)

I'm still working on a trip summary-- should appear later tonight, hopefully.  Just had to get on and say something-- feel like I need to keep myself oiled or I'll run out of blog-steam! 

Anyway, enjoy the photos of our sweet boy... he gets sweeter every day.  :)  

Thursday, October 23, 2008

in the spirit of...

in the spirit of keeping up family communication, let me recommend my sister's literary blog (to all 2 of you who follow this site):  
kt is amazing.
in other news, no trip summary to post yet-- sorry-- but if you want to be on our email list and aren't, email me at and i'll add you.  we just sent out an update a few days ago.  more soon...

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Safely "home"!

We have arrived safely back in New Zealand, our current "home", completing our marathon trip to Central Asia.  I'll post a summary of the trip in a day or so, but suffice to say that everything went really smoothly-- thank you for praying!  Below are a few pictures of the trip... As you can see, Will is a veteran traveler already!  Six countries in his first year of life... He has done so well.  We are so proud of him!  He's such a special little guy-- he made friends with people in every country we visited!  More on our adventures later, when I've had some sleep... enjoy the photos!
visiting local friends in our old home

Will with a new U friend in Central Asia

Family photo by a lake in Central Asia

Suitcase riding- the new pasttime!