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Portable Easter

Make an Easter Mountain

Every year on the Saturday before Palm Sunday, the kids and I make an Easter Mountain to use during Holy Week.  We use simple toothpick characters to act out a part of the Easter story every day, and finish up with an empty tomb on Easter Sunday morning.  The kids love it, and it's a wonderful hands-on way for young children to enter into the Easter story.


For a free PDF with the Easter story broken down for each day of Holy Week (Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday), email me at carolyn@carolynbroughton.com 

Portable Christmas

Make Your Own Advent Calendar

Patterns to get you started… (I adapted these to suit my own - feel free to get creative!)

For a free PDF with the Christmas story broken into 25 pieces (as close to Scripture as I could make it), email me at carolyn@carolynbroughton.com

Advent for Preschoolers

Our family lights 5 candles, adding a candle each week of Advent, in the following order: 

Week 1: Prophets' Candle (Hope) - White

Week 2: Angels' Candle (Joy) - Yellow

Week 3: Shepherds' Candle (Good News) - Green

Week 4: Wise Mens' Candle (Worship) - Purple

Christmas Day: Jesus Candle (Love) - Red

For a free PDF with 5 Advent readings (4 Sundays plus Christmas Day), especially adapted for use with small children, email me at carolyn@carolynbroughton.com  


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