Wednesday, February 4, 2009

NEW! Watch this space...

NEW!  Check out our NEW video bar!  I will continue to post all the latest videos of Will on our YouTube channel (jamesncarolynb), and they will show up on the video bar on our blog as fast as I post them!  Watch this space...

a good day

Well, after my previous post about the "terrible twos" starting early, we had a great day yesterday: Will responded really well to everything I asked him to do, ate his food like a champ, smiled and laughed a lot, enjoyed his first music class of this term (although he was so excited about the instruments that he didn't want to put them away and kept crawling back over there every chance he got), and generally obeyed us both really well.  Hooray!  So, I can handle this: 3 days of tantrums, and then the spell is over?  If it's all like that, it won't be too bad...  (Here's hoping!)  

Sunday, February 1, 2009

"Milk, Please"

"Favorite Vegetable"

"Water Play"

More pictures...

I'm working on posting some more videos of Will doing cute stuff (no walking yet, though)... in the meantime, here are a few pictures:


Playing with Aunt Kathryn's cell phone - a techie at a young age

Water on a hot day

A proper pianist must always use the pedal

His latest tricks include signing the words for "milk" and "please", and naming various body parts (head, hair, eyes, nose, ears, mouth, teeth, hands, feet, tummy).  He's also been clearly demonstrating that he definitely has his own will (no pun intended) and can certainly put it to use.  The last several days he's brought out all the favorite battles (hitting, throwing, not coming when called, precisely because someone is calling him) and refusing to cooperate.  Remember a couple posts ago, when I said I was so relieved he was NOT like "yours, truly"?  Well, I take it back.  I think I counted 5 swats in a row the other day, for throwing his blocks violently, and then hitting out at me when I told him "No"... yeah, it's in the genes, unfortunately.  ::sigh::  And I thought the "terrible two's" weren't supposed to start for another 10 months!  

Another milestone...

Well, Will pulled the world's most typical baby no-no for the first time today.  After dinner, while James and I were finishing watching the news, I suddenly realized it had gotten very quiet in the past few minutes.  I went to find Will-- and lo and behold, he was in the bathroom, enthusiastically splashing away in the toilet water with an object he'd found somewhere on the floor.  He looked up at me with a big grin when I came in, as if to say, "Look, Mommy! Water!"  (The other day when it was really hot he absolutely LOVED splashing outside in a basin of water with a wooden spoon.)  I explained that the toilet was dirty and that it was a "No", to which I got the regular old arching of the back and yelling routine as I carried him bodily out of the bathroom.  He continued yelling for a good 3-4 minutes afterward and would have nothing to do with me, while I for my part mopped him off with a dishtowel and promptly stuck it in the washer.  Another milestone... :)