Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Safely in Bangkok!

We arrived safely here in Bangkok on Sunday night at 2am our time, but it was only about 10pm Bangkok time... so we all woke up at 4:30 in the morning, and Will thought it was time to rise & shine!  I changed him and gave him a few crackers, and told him it wasn't time to get up yet, and the good little guy obediently lay back down and went back to sleep until 6:30!  

I had a great birthday on Sunday, despite all the traveling: James found me a bacon & egg sandwich in the airport (I was craving McDonalds!), our Uncle met us at the Auckland airport and gave me a birthday present that paid for new sunglasses and a travel pillow, Thai Air only charged us $60 instead of $560!!! for our 30kg extra luggage, and best of all, Jesus gave me the birthday present I asked for: an extra seat for Will on our 12 hour flight from Auckland to Bangkok!  So he was able to have an hour nap, and then sleep for a 6 hour stretch, which meant James and I could get bit of rest too.  What a trooper.

We're glad for this respite of a few days in the "Land of Smiles" while our visa applications for Central Asia are being processed.  I'm having my tight neck & shoulders worked on at the little massage place up the street... wonderful.   Will is the hit of the party here-- a fan club everywhere he goes, and the hotel staff remembered him from when we stayed at this same hotel last September on our way back to pack up our stuff.  The Thais love him!  He can do no wrong.  Which is nice for a few days, but I'm glad we don't live in Thailand-- discipline might prove rather challenging.  :)  We took him over to a little park down the road yesterday, and he ran around on the grass and found a little hill to run up and down... great for getting over jetlag.  :)  He also loves Thai food-- he gobbles up little Thai bananas and papaya & pineapple, and has gamely tried all the new Thai flavors we offer him.   

Thanks for your prayers for us!  Please ask that our visa applications are processed without a hitch and we're able to get on our flight to Central Asia on Friday.  We will be house-sitting in a major city for about a week while we find a vehicle and do some house-hunting out in our village.  We hope to be moving out to the village about 2 weeks after arriving, Lord willing.  Keep thinking of us!


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