Sunday, September 20, 2009


I just blogged a whole blog about arriving back in New ZEaland with a picture of Will playing rugby with Grandma mary, waited over an hour for a 30second video to upload, the internet connection was wonky and cut in and out, and now I've lost the whole thing and it's too late and I'm too tired to do it over again. GRRRR! THis is why I hate the internet, and I hate that I'm attached to it now and HAVE to use it to stay updated... it's such a black hole for time wasting!

Anyway, we're back in New ZEaland, baby #2 getting stronger all the time, and glad to have some time to get our heads around being parents of TWO! Thanks for your prayers... more later, when I'm not so mad!

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  1. Blogger usually auto saves your drafts. It won't have your video probably, but it should have your text. Did you check under "Edit posts"? I'm sorry you lost your stuff. That is so frustrating, especially after you invested so much time and effort into it!