Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Benjamin Timothy, 4 months old

As you can see, Ben is such a twinkly kid! He loves to interact with us, especially with Will, and when his tummy isn't hurting he is so happy and chuckly. The poor little guy is pretty gassy, though-- (takes after his namesake, lol!) His record for saving up poo is 9 days, although lately it's been the opposite extreme and he and I have both had loose tummies... I know, TMI, sorry. But it's what life consists of these days, people!

So I'm FINALLY blogging because we've sorted out a different internet system for our house which we hope will eventually be fast enough to Skype. My amazing, innovative, ingenious Kiwi husband is working out a way to rig up an antenna to get a better cell phone signal in our house-- he's been using a tin can and a wire tonight, and it's actually working pretty well, so when we get the real deal it should be great! I have like 7 blogs all written and ready to go, so be ready for a snowstorm once things get rolling. :)

Thanks for following! Hopefully more soon, maybe even videos, so stay tuned...


  1. Wow I'm impressed James! If you figure out how to skype using a wire and tin can, you will be my newest hero! Wamma

  2. Yeah, it's amazing how the greatest calling on earth - parenting - has more to do with poop than almost anything least at this stage of life.