Saturday, August 14, 2010

"Multitude Monday"

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Multitude Monday.

Except that I am writing this today—Tuesday. (and posting on Friday!) I’m counting Monday's gifts on Tuesday because yesterday was a blur of fussy baby and tired foggy brain—and not a very joyful Monday at all… have I missed the point by posting ‘late’?

No, the point is to be thankful. And at the discipline’s beginning, thankfulness, like double-awareness, comes in fits and spurts.

Help me, Jesus, to count as they come, so my joy-tank is always filling.

#124-151 of the endless gifts, and the ways I’m trying to stay full of JOY:

My diligent house helper;

a clean house despite a fussy baby and belligerent toddler (if it had been up to me, housework would’ve been a distant pipe dream…)

Teething gel and

a gift of Infant Tylenol from our

generous workmates;


My wonderful husband’s diligence to make

our new swing!

The cheapness of cloth diapers, and the way I feel so “clean-green-economical”.

That my baby’s bowels are regular (count your blessings, right?).

A toilet to wash diapers out in. (We have one of only a handful in our town.)

Rubber gloves.

Running water to flush the toilet.

Our generator

which powered the pump which ran the water to flush the toilet,

and also powered the oven I used to roast

our chicken dinner last night

(with potatoes, and

broccoli &

sweet corn from our


The thunderstorm that made the power go out (hence the generator) and washed summer air all cool and fresh.

Windows that open.

Email in the evening,

and the way heart-nourishing words show up in my inbox

from God’s sweet ones all over the world

exactly on time.

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  1. Jon and I are living in northern Indiana near South Bend with his parents in their huge house that has a separate apartment almost. =) Actually, we haven't even gotten our official wedding pictures yet either, so whatever is on my facebook is the only ones we've seen, either. Your posts always encourage me so much, and having newly graduated and now living in a place with none of my old friends except my husband and in-laws, encouragement from dear friends is much appreciated and needed. Love you so much and I hope to get our wedding pictures sent out to everyone soon.

    Alana Joy