Wednesday, September 15, 2010

we are so blessed... to be a blessing

We have so much.

And although I've been there myself and seen it for myself, it's not until someone else goes back and tells it again that I remember. Just how much we have.

And today I am thankful for Compassion. And I'm thankful for Tearfund in New Zealand, and for our own four beautiful adopted children in Haiti, Bali, Uganda and Ghana.

And I'm thankful for my two beautiful boys, for their lives, their smiles, their hearts, their energy...

And I am thankful for all the other things in this picture, this one snapshot of one spot in our house, in our yard-- a snapshot of just one of the many collections of things we have to encourage their creativity... how incredibly blessed we are to live under the waterfall of God's grace, and we are praying our family is a conduit for blessing.


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