Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Jesse Tree: Make Your Own Advent Worship

Browsing today... found this wonderful Advent Tool from Ann Voskamp-- Would love to try to do this with our family, even as we travel!


  1. Hey friend!
    We did a Jesse Tree last year and it was a great experience. Not sure why we're not doing it this year... I guess we didn't plan ahead. Here's another tool that our church does every year. All submissions and artwork are from people in our church. Enjoy:

    The idea is to read one for each day of Advent. They are short, but profound. I hope you can use this as a tool to awaken in your heart a stronger longing for our Savior, and to prepare yourself for his coming.

  2. By the way, we're pregnant. About 16 weeks now. Yay!