Friday, February 11, 2011

Dear Aunt Susanna...

I want to tell you a story.

Three weeks ago, on our first morning back in our home here, I rummaged around in a not-yet-unpacked suitcase for the little children's verse calendar you gave me, one verse for each day of the year. I called Will and showed it to him, and said, "Will, this says 'Big Promises for Little People'. Are you a little person?" Yes, he nodded. "Then these are God's big promises for you!" Big smile. I pulled him up on my lap and we read the verse for January 23. I read it with him again before naptime, and again before bedtime. And after two or three mornings of starting the day this way, he started coming to find me in the Quiet Chair first thing when he woke up-- still rubbing the sleep from his eyes-- "Mommy, yet's read our verse." Crawls up in my lap, notices the lighted candle, reaches for the little calendar. Watches me follow the words with my finger, points to the tiny reference at the bottom which I haven't read. "That, Mommy-- that." I read it, and explain that's where the verse is found in the Bible. He nods, pondering.

And today-- up at 6:20, wanting to read his verse first thing. Disappointed when I said he had to go back to bed and wait until 7-- never went back to sleep, bounced back in again at 7 for his verse. Wouldn't lay down at naptime until we'd gone in and read his verse. Marched right across at bedtime to read his verse after stories, before sleep.

It's already a part of his life. That fast. He loves that it's his, loves the simplicity of the words, loves the routine, loves having me all to himself three times a day.

Thank. you. so. much.




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