Friday, April 29, 2011

If I knew I could, I would...

In cahoots with The Gypsy Mama, here are my five Friday minutes of stream-of-consciousness, un-edited (word of honor) writing on the prompt:

"If I knew I could, I would....


...compose and release another CD of original music.  Be the best mom I could possibly be.  Rely on Jesus totally and completely, knowing there is always grace.  Love my husband unconditionally, completely, wildly, freely and creatively.  Never get impatient with my boys.  Go bungee jumping.  Or sky-diving.  Take a submarine to the bottom of the ocean.  Not be so perfectionistic.

Wonder more.  Open a photography business.  Take creative writing classes.  Create more visual art.  Maybe even sell it.  If I knew I could dance professionally, I would.  I'd be a ballerina, a swing-dance extraordinaire (is that a word?), a tap-dancer.  If I knew I could ride dressage, I would.  I'd ride Lipizzaners.

I'd tell the world that Jesus loves them.  Really, truly, died-for-them loves them.  And that it's so easy to get a new life, to get a first life, to get real life.  If I knew I could make a difference in people's hearts with words, I would work my tail off to make sure I never wasted one.  Not one.

If I knew I could shout for joy at any time, without looking crazy, or even if I look crazy, I would.  I'd dance like David before the Lord, wild with abandon, crazy joy in being in His presence.  Wow, I am really starting to feel convicted-- all these things I'd do if I knew I could do them?  Wonder how many are real?  Maybe all?



  1. Yes! This was beautiful. I think it's all real ;-) To praise with complete abandon... Blessings to you!

  2. Great stuff Carolyn!

    you ARE doing them :-)

    & the one's you aren't - just ask yourself "what stops me?"

    I love to substitute the words "I can't" with the words "I won't" (sometimes said like a 2 year old! :-)) As that really shows me the 'heart' behind my reluctance & also gets me to take ownership of the situation.

    love & blessings from Richard