Tuesday, November 15, 2011

a conversation about stress

After a day playing with friends yesterday, the boys received a new toy.  This morning they were attempting to play with it together in the living room, and William came to me in frustration (peeking through the crack in the bathroom door - why do issues always crop up when I’m on the pot?)  
Will, his little face pressed to the crack: “Mom, when Benjamin says no, it stresses me out.”
What?!?  Where did he hear that?  Must’ve been from his friends yesterday….
“Will, where did you learn how to say that?”
“From you!”
::sigh::  Convicted.
“William, let me tell you something.  If we believe in Jesus, we really should never get stressed out about anything.  If you say Benjamin is stressing you out, what you really mean is he’s not doing what you want him to do.  Right?”
“Well, When Mommy says I get stressed out, I’m really just not trusting Jesus.  So… you don’t need to say that, and Mommy will try not to say that any more either.”  

Mental note: intentionally let my trust in Jesus spill over into my words, so I verbalize trust to my kids instead of stress!  


  1. You and me will be working on this together, friend! I was a wonderful person until I got married and had kids. They show me my true heart every single day! Good thing there's grace, and a God that *will* perfect the thing he's started in me -- to make me like Jesus.

  2. It's great that William has a vocabulary to organize his feelings and he wants to let you in to that part of his heart! God knows our emotions and they are also tools to help us clue into and connect with others. I don't think there are certain ways we "should" feel as Christians- I think we can take everything to God in prayer, but I don't think feelings are good or bad. Love you guys! Take care! ~Mikayla