Wednesday, July 10, 2013

even though it's quiet on here...;s anything but quiet where I've been living!

I'm hunt-and-pecking this post with one hand, while my left arm cradles my squirming, fussing nine-month-old baby girl.  I've already headed off four typos while she chews on my face and loudly reminds me that SHE is supposed to be the center of my attention, not that black box-thing with the tappy keys.

A moment of quiet as she perches, bare toes dangling off my lap, briefly mesmerized by my flying fingers, and I quickly touch-type the rest of these words to you:

We have been traveling ceaselessly this summer: 3 weeks in Turkey for a conference, one week at home to catch our breaths, and five days ago we drove six hours in the car over the border to a neighboring country for a visa run of undetermined length... patchy internet, even patchier thought-patterns - all in all, a dried-up season for blogging.

But that doesn't mean I'm not living.  Elephant animal cracker thrown on the floor, my little girl is making her presence known, and I've realized, staring into her beautiful, mischievous, up-turned blue eyes, that it's more important to BE, really be with her than it is to stuff cookies in her mouth with one hand while making sure she doesn't put my cell phone in her mouth with the other.  It's more important that I enjoy the way her two tiny teeth stick up enchantingly from her bottom gum, and the way she gets inordinate joy out of crunching a crinkly packet of Ramen noodles, than it is to make sure my blog stays up-to-date.

So if the next few posts are sporadic, you'll forgive me... I'm giving myself permission to just live life for a little while, and not pressure myself to write about it all.

I know you understand.  :)


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