Friday, October 11, 2013

Happy Birthday, Ruby Grace!

October 9, 2013

Dear, sweet Ruby Grace,

What a precious treasure you are!  Today you finish your first 365 days on the planet - a whole year old! This year has flown by.  We’ve been traveling for almost all of it, and your little ruby-red bed has been in 6 countries in the last 12 months!  You have struggled a bit to feel secure with all this shifting about, but as long as “Mamam”, “Daddad”, and “baya” (brothers) “Wee” and “Beh” are here, you relax and go with the flow.

You love being part of our family, and we love having you!  You are so affectionate, giving hugs to everyone (esp. Daddy when he comes home from work).  You go find your brother in concern if one of them is crying, lay your little head as close as you can get - on a foot, a leg, a shoulder, whatever’s closest.  Then you pick your head up and grin at the sufferer, squinting your eyes in that adorable way you have, and then you lay your head back down again as if to say, “I’m here, I love you, don’t cry!”  Having you nearby immediately makes us all feel better.

The hair-clip you absolutely refused to wear... 
"Mommy, YOU wear it!"

You are already communicating up a storm, using every means at your disposal.  Besides our names, you say “ba” for bath, “buh” for book, “wee-me” for read-me, “shhh” for shoes, plus handsigns for please, more, and all done - which you use for diaper changes as well as for food!  I can tell you're going to be very verbal and relational (like your Mama!)

You have always loved music, right from the time you were a tiny baby and you quickly went from screaming in the car to fast asleep as soon as we turned on Vivaldi.  You start your jive as soon as you hear any sound - even just a rhythmic pat on a tabletop, but especially any lively music.  You bounce your knees, clap your hands, joggle your head side to side, grin at everyone - generally just get your groove on.  I can’t wait to see where this leads!

You love to be outside - if your brothers are going out, you shriek and hold up your hands and point adamantly at the door, or you go find your shoes and hold them up at me saying “Shhh, shhh” until I put them on you.  Once outside and down the steps, you scoot around on your bottom getting filthy, eating leaves and dirt and tiny rocks which you pick up with your pinchy little thumb and forefinger.  You love practicing climbing up the stairs to the front door, but you can’t get safely down yet, which is why I have to lay the stroller across the bottom to block them off.  

You are almost walking on your own - just a little more confidence and you’ll be away.  Today we gave you a little pink stroller for your dolls and stuffed animals, and by the end of the day you were pushing it across the living room floor all by yourself!  Great job!  The best part about you learning to walk is how proud you are of yourself any time you attempt a new feat - and how you look around grinning for affirmation and applause whenever you put your hands up to balance - “Look at me!  No hands!” - or walk a longer distance to topple elatedly into our arms.

We all have our special names for you: Ben calls you “Ruby-Shooby-Dooby,” I call you my little “Sweetie-sweet”, Daddy calls you “my little Daddy’s girl”, Will calls you “Roooo-beee” in a high voice.  You are absolutely delightful, and we are all crazy about you, our little Ruby-girl.  Every single day I thank God for entrusting to me a precious little daughter as sweet and adorable as you.  I pray you grow to be a woman who loves Jesus with your whole heart and that you spend your life for him.  

Happy Birthday, my little Sweetie-sweet!


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  1. So sweet! She's beautiful, just like her mama. I'm glad you're writing letters with me! I got it from my dad. I think it's an awesome tradition!