Monday, December 30, 2013

Happy Birthday, William! {a belated birthday letter})

November 29, 2013

Happy Birthday, to my sweet William!

You are six years old today!  I love watching you grow.

Your character has really grown and blossomed this year.  You are developing a compassionate heart, especially for Ruby and Ben.  You play so well with each of them, and love to do what makes them happy (most of the time), like letting Ben win, and playing peek-a-boo with Ruby.  You are becoming sensitive to their needs, which is very different from a couple years ago.

I love how you look forward to listening to G.T. Bible Verse songs or Mrs G stories every morning, and then you tell me something new you learned about God.  You already understand how important it is to start the day with Jesus, which makes my heart so glad.

Yesterday at lunchtime I asked you what you listened to that morning, and you said it was about self-control.  “Yeah, I need that today, for my mind,” you added, buttering your bread.  “Why?” I asked.  “Because before, when Ben did something I didn’t like, I thought of something in my mind I wanted to do to him.  Something bad.”  I was so amazed you realized you needed self-control for your mind - a pretty advanced connection for a six-year-old to make and verbalize!  So we talked about “taking every thought captive” and learning how to grab that bad thought and quickly give it to Jesus.

Even though we had to travel so much during your sixth year (NZ, USA, Thailand, Central Asia, Turkey, more Central Asia…) you took it all in your stride!  You stayed calm, and you really enjoyed all the different places we went - the food, the sights, the fun things we got to do.  It wasn’t until our second long visa run (our third three-week trip this summer) that you finally started saying, “I miss our home…”  You did so well!  You are really maturing, and we are so proud of you.

RIght before Christmas, you finished the 100th lesson in your reading book!  Congratulations!  You did so well persevering, even on the the hard days, when you hit a mind block, or you just didn’t feel like doing it, but we worked through your attitude and Jesus is helping you.  If you put your mind to anything, I know you’ll be able to do it.  

This Christmas, you wrapped up your reading book and gave it to Jesus, saying, “I want to give Jesus my mind, and what I read this year, and I only want to read things that make Him happy.”  That makes me happy, and Jesus too!

My favorite time with you each day, Will, is our quiet time together in the afternoons.  You’re such an atmosphere guy - you love to snuggle up with a blanket and do our reading together, and afterwards have a cup of tea and play a game - UNO, Checkers, Connect4, Memory… 

I couldn’t ask for a more wonderful firstborn son, William.  I am so thankful I get to be your mom, and help you grow into the man God created you to be.

My prayer for you this year is from Jeremiah 29:11, a verse you came and told me about one morning after listening to G.T., saying, “Mom, God has plans for me!  Good plans!”  Trust God’s plans for your life, Will, to give you a future and a hope.  Seek God with all your heart, and you will find him.  

Happy Birthday, sweetie!




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