Tuesday, November 11, 2008

as they say down here, "poor wee man..."

Well, the "mysterious fever and miserable nights" mystery was solved yesterday: Will has his first ear infection.  :(  He also has a thrush infection "down below", which wasn't helping matters-- bad mommy for letting things get to such a pass!  So we went to the doctor yesterday and came home armed with antibiotics and antifungal cream, and today Will was in much better spirits-- although not back to his usual happy self yet.  

In other news, Will has discovered Watermelon!   I took some great summertime photos of Will in his highchair today, in nothing but a diaper and his bib, happily smacking away on watermelon chunks and smearing juice all over his highchair and anything else he could reach... I haven't put them on the computer yet, but stay tuned.  :)  


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