Monday, November 3, 2008

clever boy!

I don't know whether we have an exceptionally clever son, or whether I'm just biased... probably the latter...  but he's learned two new tricks today: maneuvering from sitting to tummy, and pointing at a ball in his book-- first time to identify an object on a page by name!  AND he actually likes brushing his teeth-- licks his lips when he sees me pick up his toothbrush, obligingly opens his mouth and holds it open while I brush top & bottom (all 6 of them).  What a cooperative boy!  

In other news, he's not doing so well on the napping front: down to 45 minutes in the morning, and just 30-45 minute catnaps in the afternoon... no nap for mommy at this rate-- I just doze off, and then he's up again.  ::sigh::  Another phase, I suppose-- the problem is that he's actually still tired when he wakes up after 45 min, he really needs to go longer.  Anyway...

Here's a video (yay!) of our little explorer:

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  1. that is *so* not crawling. That is dragging, which is actually much harder, particularly with his uniquely cock-eyed little elbow-hand hobble. He is truly his mother's son to require so much extra effort for something really quite simple. He even has the accompanying wheeze! The next great Christenson athlete!