Monday, December 7, 2009

Will turns TWO!

Will had a great 2-year-old birthday party!

Grandma Ros made the train cake... (Will's favorite part was blowing out the candle)

Will enjoyed eating it... (although he preferred the ice cream)

Zannah & Meg, Will's best friends in New Zealand...

His big boy cousins, Josh & Elijah ("Joss! Yijah!")

Airplane set from Grandma Ros...

Car carrier from Auntie Helene & Uncle Pete...

And a great drum from Grandma Mary (no picture yet, sorry)-- trains & cars from Uncle Chris & Aunt Julie, a hilarious book from Zannah & Meg... thanks to everyone. We had such a great time! Can't believe my little boy is TWO years old already! Time is flying by!


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