Sunday, July 4, 2010

Major Technical Difficulties... the form of my hard drive crashing over a month ago, it taking us until last Monday to find a new one, and everything still being absurdly topsy-turvy-- (over 2000 emails in my Inbox because they EACH got imported FOUR times)... can't open my address book... and yes, the quarterly newsletter is overdue, and my monthly report is overdue, and I have hundreds of gorgeous pictures of my boys to share with you, and heaps of stories... and it all just has to wait. I'm learning a lot about waiting. So... thanks for being patient, and thanks for your comments on my jam post :) , and thanks for empathizing and waiting with me from afar! You are all loved and wanted and deeply appreciated... wish I could tell each of you more often and in person.

frustrated but still hopeful,


By the way, it's beautiful green lush gorgeous summer here now, and the winter picture at the top DOES NOT APPLY!

And Ben is 8 months old, not 3--

and William is 2 years and 7 months and officially POTTY TRAINED!!!!! (not at night yet, but big boys pants all day and minimal accidents this week, so we are on our way! Hooray!)


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