Tuesday, January 19, 2010

4 more sleeps!

Just 4 more sleeps until The Big Launch... can't believe we're almost there! Saturday morning we fly to Auckland for one night, and then on to Bangkok on Sunday. We'll stay in Bangkok for 5 days to get our Central Asian visas, and then fly back to our current home on the following Saturday. We are so thrilled to be going back to our new relationships, house and teammates, but our hearts are so heavy leaving New Zealand where we've gotten so close to people over the past couple years. It's difficult to say goodbye. It definitely makes me long for heaven where "goodbye" won't need to be part of our vocabulary anymore!

We have a cousin here visiting for two nights, Jameson Rohrer, and it's been so great catching up with him and showing him a little bit of Christchurch. He laughed at my "Kiwi" accent (which quickly dropped off the longer I talked to him... I am still American deep down!), and we had a great time at the Canterbury Museum and Christchurch Square this morning. There's a plaque in the square commemorating the first settlers in the South Island, and you can find "John Broughton" from 5 generations ago, the first Broughton to settle here. He actually became a Christian on the boat to New Zealand, and the Broughtons have been a Christian family ever since. Pretty amazing, huh?

So as we head back to our work and ministry, please think of us:
  • The boys and I have all come down with colds this week, so ask for health, especially on the plane. And since Benjamin is sick, I'm not sure I can get his second set of shots done on Thursday like I'd planned... bummer.
  • Also pray that our house is in good order and heated up for us when we arrive (at 2am!) with two tired boys and a whole heap of luggage in -10 degree weather... We are kitted out with warm clothes, but still-- that's COLD!
  • Pray that our visas come through without a hitch in Thailand, and that we're able to extend our initial 1-month visa to a 1-year visa shortly after arrival without problems.
  • Pray for a good resettling into relationships there, and that people will remember who we are and be willing to pick up where we left off.
  • Praise God with us for anticipation and excitement about going back! That was really on my heart, and it has happened-- I am really looking forward to these next 2 (at least) years in our new context.
  • And finally, pray for LAND for the projects we want to start over there... nothing has happened yet, and the waiting is getting really old. Several deals have fallen through, and it's very clear that nothing will happen unless God makes it happen.
Thanks for your prayers! More pictures of the boys coming soon when I can get them off my camera. :)


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