Friday, January 29, 2010

Visas in hand... to Central Asia! Thank God for 1-month visas in hand, and the promise (hopefully) of an extension to 6 months or a year once we're in country. Unfortunately, visas for our family cost almost a literal arm and leg, so that's not good news... but good thing our God owns the cattle on a thousand hills!

I am not looking forward to being in another airport with our toddler, at least not if he has another day like today... It's a shame the cute moments are sandwiched in between lots and lots of very NOT cute moments, like angrily lashing out and yelling ballistically whenever he's disciplined, or throwing an absolute fit in front of everyone at the pool when Ben lost the plot and I had to pull him out of the water early and drag my two screaming children into the elevator... thankfully there was a nice man to hold the door and push the elevator buttons, and Ben was in his buggy so he couldn't go anywhere... I feel like my life lately is made up of one long string of physically stressful moments!

Anyway, the cute moment from today was Will's running monologue while playing with his trains... "Oh! Dayah's Gordon! Hi Gordon! Unduh bridge, Gordon! Unduh bridge, James! James Daddy! Mom, James Daddy! (He's only just figured out that James is Daddy's name too) Oh! Day go (there you go), Hectuh! Day go Bul-lee (Billy)!"

And Benjamin's non-cute moment (most of his other moments are cute these days) was when he pooped not once but TWICE in his new Thailand Huggies, which are definitely not as leak-proof as New Zealand Huggies... and got poop on James's pants in the tuk-tuk (Thai open-air taxi) and then poop on my skirt at the restaurant... yay, Ben. So that's why your tummy was hurting all day.

::sigh:: So pray for us tomorrow on the 6-hour blasting hot furnace-y flight to Central Asia, when we arrive at 1am and still have a 2 hour drive to our house... thankfully our new teammates have bought breakfast food and sussed things out for us, so hopefully we can just crash into bed when arrive... They say it's cold. Here I am in Thailand's blasting heat and humidity... how cold can it be?

All I know is, it will be WONDERFUL to be in our own house, where we will stay for a good long time, Lord willing, and be able to start our new "Whip Our Two Year Old Into Shape Right Quick" regime ASAP. Just having a consistent environment will help, for starters! Thank you so much for thinking of us... more hopefully sooner than later.

(By the way, our camera charger got left in New Zealand, so we're hoping to buy a new one here in Thailand before we go... that's why there aren't any pictures of the boys at the pool :( Oh well...)


  1. Sending my Thoughts for your travels and all the adjustments - very exciting! :)

  2. Aawwh look at Will's cute little face - how could that sweet little boy give you any trouble?? Only kidding, yes, I can sympathize with you on that one! Thankfully most of our meltdowns are contained within our house, so they can be sent to their room ... unlike a meltdown at a public place - I do remember making one of ours stand in a corner at the supermarket though ... but there are only so many creative consequences you can come up with in a place like that!! lol. Lynne xxx