Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Our Constipated Infant-- Loose At Last!

I know, I know—too much information. But seriously, I was starting to get a bit concerned. Ben hadn’t pooped since last Sunday, which makes this Day 8. I’ve been bracing myself for a massive blow-out: switched from cloth to disposable diapers yesterday, in the hopes of being able to throw the whole thing away after it happened… and nothing happened.


And then tonight—he pooped! While I was feeding him before bedtime, with no drama whatsoever. And it was just a normal poo, as if he hadn’t been storing it up for over a week… where did he put it all???

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  1. My Ben went 13 days around Christmas. I talked to a lactation consultant and she said the record was 27 days for a breastfed baby. =) Glad it wasn't too messy for you. The event after 13 days was massive. I put him in the tub with his clothes on and hosed him down.