Saturday, May 29, 2010


We have finally discovered why I have to use a proxy server to even *access* my blog, or anyone else's blog either for that matter:

Our country has officially blocked "Blogger".

Great. One more perk of living over here. I'm trying not to be bitter, but this is really frustrating. So, because I have to access through a proxy, I can't post pictures (most of the time-- thank God for the wormhole I found last time), or change the look or anything else constructive while in country. (every time I try it says "you are entering a non-anonymous area-- click the link to continue" and when I click the link, nothing happens).

I am limited to *words*. Good creative writing practice, I guess. ::sigh::

So, now we know.

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  1. You are the word meister! Thanks goodness it's YOU who are limited to words... at least we will know something of how you are doing. But I feel for you. It must be so hard to be heard by proxy. He hears all your words, Carolyn - He is the word, be encouraged.