Thursday, March 31, 2011

my March Challenge… to be continued!

The conclusion of my March Challenge: grace, grace, grace!

I'm so proud of myself! And proud of every one of you who tried this with me (or your own version of the same thing)-- the last half of March I have been more consistent with getting up by six-- about 5/7 days every week. And I’ve greatly benefited from having a clear head and joyful, focused heart by the time the boys hit the deck raring to go. My mornings have been so much more grace-filled and less cranky!

BUT, I’m tired. I haven’t kept to my promise of getting to bed on time (averaging 10:00-10:30pm, several 11:00pm-s and one 1:00am!), and I’ve been skipping naps to do creative projects, which rest and refresh a different part of me, but don’t do anything for my sleep quotient!

So… heading forward, I’m still resolved to do my best to get to bed by 9pm so I can read for half an hour to unwind before lights out at 9:30. And I’m still resolved to get up by 6, moving it up eventually to 5:30, so I can have time to connect with Jesus, exercise my body, journal out my thoughts, and organize my day before it starts.

I am so thankful for grace, lately growing even sweeter as I notice it in the holy, mundane, daily rising and setting of my life.


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