Monday, August 1, 2011

Multitudes on Monday: Peace

#403-425 of God’s shower of blessings:

403. Finding wonder here, in grains of sand.

404. An unexpected 10-minute walk this morning, after sleeping in late (and thinking I’d missed my chance)... a gift from my gracious husband.

405. The freshness of the morning air.

406. This view of “quiet waters” in the green river at the edge of our village:

407. The way the view breathed fresh air into my soul.

408. My boys playing peacefully together after breakfast. (Amazing!)

409. Listening to this music: Sovereign Grace Music: Valley of Vision 

410. Praying the prayers that inspired the music, three times a day with this schedule, laying down my task-oriented tunnel vision to worship, confess and connect.

411. The “re-perspective-izing” and peace this discipline is producing in my mind - every time!

412. Cleaning our new house, starting to paint, moving forward into newness… (Lord willing, we hope to move August 20...)

413. Talking about this music with my house helper, while scrubbing my new kitchen together: why I’m listening to praise music, what the words are saying, my heart for God-glorifying hospitality in our home, Whose beautiful Spirit I want to fill each room… more than washing the walls with bleach, how much more important it is to wash the atmosphere with His Spirit.

414. The promise of a new nest, better in many ways than our old one…

415. Meeting some kids on our new street.

416. Entering our last two days with our short-term teammate, exchanging photos / music / memories, saying “thank you, goodbye, we love you”; closure.  

417. All in all, thanks and praise for a really good summer so far - full of learning and growing.

418. Finding treasures behind the couch - long-lost matchbox cars that produce elation and shouts of triumph from my eldest son!  (And new hours of happy playing - without spending any money!)

419. Wonderful grace.
420. Perfect peace.
421. Sufficient strength.
422. Stunning salvation.
423. The gracious presence of Jesus in me, around me, going before me and coming behind me - the Rock under my feet, the Morning Star, the Air I breathe.
424. God’s grace sufficient for the demands of each day.

425. These words from the prayer I stopped to read just now, in the midst of writing this post:  

“Mould me wholly into the image of Jesus,  
as a potter forms clay;  
May my lips be a well-tuned harp to sound thy praise.” 

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  1. Love your list and esp. that quote at the end! <3 it.

    nice to meet you! Found you @ Ann V. blog!

    Love, Traci @ Ordinary Inspirations