Monday, July 25, 2011

a picture of joy

Three guesses to describe what’s happening in this picture.  






Give up?

Women, at a wedding I attended recently, competing in 4 “teams” for which part of the table does the most beautiful “hand-dancing”.   (The winning team - ours - received a bottle of vodka as our prize!)    
The whole time I was waving my hands and twirling my fingers, looking down that long beautiful table, I was thinking...
“Wouldn’t it be thrilling if they were all dancing their hands in praise to Jesus?”

* * * * * 

Something to ponder…

Describe the clearest visual image of joy you’ve seen recently!
(feel free to share in the comments so we can all enjoy it with you!)


  1. *two little girls getting their fingernails painted with sparkly pink nailpolish at the hot pot restaurant

    *a freshly, bathed toddler giddily free from the confines of clothes and a diaper

    *me yesterday, getting totally drenched, sloshing through three inches of water in a torrential downpour, as I walked to Katie's kindergarten to deliver her dry clothes! It was a total picture of a spiritual reality...this is what His grace is like all the time, if we would but have eyes to see and hands to receive...a torrential grace-shower, the kind that floods your eyes and drenches your clothes, in which your umbrella and gumboots are totally useless. So why do I not hold out my cup and drink?