Monday, October 17, 2011

for when you're feeling a bit blue

I’ve been a little blue the past few days.  My parents were here for a 9-day visit, and now, they’re gone.  Richness, fellowship, encouragement, laughter, presents, presence… all were ours for 9 special days, and now the gaping emptiness leaves me feeling rather forlorn.
And then I hear it, piping happily through the children’s songs I turned on this morning (ostensibly to cheer up my boys, but really because I feel so much like a child myself today):
“Give thanks (clap clap) to the Lord, 
Give thanks (clap clap) to the Lord, 
For He loves you,
He loves me too,
Give thanks to the Lord our God (clap clap)!”
And then I remember: how to get out of the blues, how to float up to normal, how even to find the bubble of joy in my heart:  Give thanks.  
So here’s my list for today:
  • Happy perky children’s songs about loving Jesus
  • Two boys who are happier today than yesterday, playing quietly while I write this (a miracle!)
  • The promise of a house helper coming this morning to help me can spaghetti sauce (after not being able to find a helper for the last month or so)
  • A husband who loves me and makes great coffee
  • Two incredible parents who love me and love Jesus even more
  • Their amazing church who gifted them the tickets to come for a visit 
  • The first chance I’ve had, ever, to host my own parents in my own home
  • My dad’s raving over my fresh breadsticks :)  
  • The sweet savor of their visit, and the sweet aroma left behind by their love
  • The way my house is more beautiful for their presence (stenciled verses in my hall, a new carpet, cherries in my kitchen)
  • The way our tummies were filled and our hearts were too
  • Their attention and entrance into our boys’ two different worlds
  • Their commitment to relationship
  • Their wisdom and understanding, and ability to listen and ask good questions
  • Their example
  • The way they taught me to be self-aware and analyze my actions until I find the roots of my own sin, so I can bring it to Jesus and let Him deal with it
  • How patient they were during all their jetlag and viruses
  • How affirming of all we’re trying to do
  • Their flexibility and open hands around all expectations and desires
  • Their smilies, hugs, interest, zest for life, and sheer delight in us and all that surrounds us
  • The pleasure and privilege of having godly parents
  • The incredible surprising blessing of having them here, in person
William’s list (unedited):
For Gramma and Grampa giving me new presents
For Grampa Tim & Gramma Ros playing with me
That you played with me (you, -point point- at me)
That Ben was playing with me
That I could go in your bedroom and drink hot chocolate yesterday after nap
This yummy apple I’m eating
Ben’s list (also unedited):
New helicop-pa-ter
Um… GrampaTim

Before the “Give Thanks” song on the CD, there was a child’s voice reciting sweetly:
“Give thanks to the Lord for He is good, His love endures forever, Psalm 139 verse 1.”  
And I think, Yes, You are good, Lord.  And this love of Yours, that endures forever?  One day we will all share it in unbroken fellowship You together, with no separation, forever.  
Balm for my aching heart. 

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  1. Every time I read one of your posts, it makes me wish we lived closer! I am so thankful for the internet!

    I have always admired your parents. A lot. So glad you were given that gift of 9 days with them in your home! How special.

    Your boys' lists are AWESOME! Made me smile, and remember that simple joy and gratefulness are all we need to have a FANTASTIC day!