Monday, January 23, 2012

Christmas graces {Remembering December: Part 3}

While I counted my December gifts, racing to 1000 in the last month of 2011, each new habit-forming nail pounded hard.  

I glimpsed joy now and then, but my heart wasn’t flooded.  
Now, looking back, reading through the poetry of grace after grace, joy wells deep and full...

624. Ginger cookies in process
625. Andrea Bocelli
626. Enchiladas for supper

656. Any internet at all
657. Thanks-filled heart buoyant, lifting
658. The fact of cookie dough
659. Ben learning how to pretend, exaggerated: “Shh! QUAH-yet, Mama! Dey LI-yun SEE-ping!” (the lion’s sleeping)
670. Brownies cooling on the counter

661. The hum of our happy furnace

686. Our Advent Calendar - that today (Dec 19) is the camel

692. Candles when the power goes out
693. The flood of light when the power comes back on

776. Leaving the dishes for later
777. Nice things to do tonight: mull wine, ice our Christmas cake

778. Presents to wrap
779. Stockings to hang
780. Anticipation

798. Christmas morning!

800. Jesus born as a little baby, for our sins
801. My red Christmas sweatpants from my Mom
802. Bacon and kiwifruit for breakfast!
803. Running water most of the time (we just ran out)

815. James made stuffing!
816. The smell of chickens roasting
817. Ham for lunch! A once a year treat!

818. The Christ candle lit and burning brightly

820. Spinach dip
821. Mulled wine
822. Lovely guests finally here
823. Wonderful meal my husband prepared! (roasted chicken with stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy and baked pumpkin)
824. All I had to do was peel potatoes, lay out pumpkin and stir gravy!

825. Wonderful time of fellowship, reading the Word and praying
826. Hearts connecting 

827. Boys playing wild and happy
828. Genuine compliments on my home-making from my sister here
829. Feeling full in every way

831. Boys sleeping hard
832. Surfaces re-emerging
833. A long happy day coming to a peaceful close

Christmas grace.  Delicious.  Sweet.  
{Best of all, tomorrow continues CHRIST-mas grace towards you, and me, and all!}


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