Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Sparrow - finally here!

It's finally finished... 

...just in time for Christmas! 

I am so excited to share these songs with all of you!  They come from my heart, and I hope they minister to yours.  
From the booklet of Sparrow: 
These songs have blossomed out of thoughts and realizations from years of living a cross-cultural, transient life.  
I’ve recorded a few songs in the past, but this is my first original album on this scale, and even just agreeing with God to start the process was a huge step of faith.  I recorded the whole thing when I was nine months pregnant with our daughter, Ruby Grace.  
The title track especially captures my relief at being able to tuck my most precious treasures - my children - under God’s wings and trust Him to be our home.  
My prayer as you listen is that God Himself will draw near and speak to your heart, and that His presence and peace will become tangibly yours.   

Some photos from the making of...

May you know His presence and peace this Christmas, kind friends!   


  1. CAROLYN!!!!!!
    Just bought the album on itunes. Congratulations on a job very well done!!! And you got some great musicians to work with you on this project!!
    I'll be listening intently to the album over the next several days, but an early favorite is "Song of the Redeemed".
    Miss you! When are you going to be in the States? Any chance of connecting?
    Ruby is so precious!
    Much love,

  2. Carolyn,

    It is very inspiring to listen to the songs of your heart in the knowledge that you are a devoted mother and yet still obedient to use the creative gifts given to write and record these songs to share with others.

    It's a reminder that busyness is not a legitimate excuse to prevent the pursuit of what we are purposed to do.

    I love your re-recording of "Everywhere You Send Me" it reminds me of our friendship forged in Asia and your willingness to step into the unknown just a year later. Your lower register has become richer in sound than in your early 20s. Beautiful!

    If you're ever on the West coast of Australia...

    Love and blessings


  3. Just bought your album on itunes as well. Love it! So happy to hear your beautiful voice again, and I can't tell you how long I've been waiting for you to make another CD. I loved helping you with your last one, and I hope that you continue to make many more, and that it really blossoms into something that thousands and millions of people hear around the world. Love you so much Carolyn!