Thursday, January 8, 2009

"Who's my baby?"

So, we're driving home this afternoon from a dip in a nearby river (it was in the 90s again today), and Will's jabbering away next to me in his carseat.  He starts saying what sounds like "be-be", so I say, "Where's the baby, Will?  Do you see a baby?"  Then I ask, "Who's my baby?"  Delightedly, he grins and starts poking himself in the chest over and over.  I keep asking the question, and each time he grins and pokes his chest with his little finger.  It gets funnier when we got home, and Daddy tries to broaden the repertoire:
"Where's my baby, Will?"  Will grins, and pokes his chest.
"Where's Mommy?"  Grins, pokes chest.
"Where's Daddy?"  Grins, pokes chest.
"Ok, who's the most important person?" Grins, pokes chest.
"Who's number one?" Grins, pokes chest.  
Yeah, still working on that one.


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