Saturday, July 9, 2011

Five Minute Friday: Grateful...

{Grateful to join up here with Lisa-Jo and write for 5 unedited minutes about such a soul-healthy Five Minute Friday prompt…}


Grateful for all the little things that make up a life.  For our four open sunflowers in our garden, and the blue-winged bumblebee I caught on camera sucking nectar.  Grateful for little green tomatoes growing plumper every day.  
Grateful for the sweep and curve of my eldest’s eyebrows, for the little word-sounding noises coming out of my youngest’s mouth, for his communication triumphs.  Grateful for roses opening, for colors and scents of creation.  Grateful for family, for home (these things aren’t so small anymore!), for all the familiar things that are portable and can be transferred no matter the geographical location.  
Grateful for the words of Scripture rolling around in my mind, for mp3 players and words posted above my sink, for constant listening and reviewing Colossians 1 & 2 in two different languages until it sinks into my soul.
Grateful for politeness from my eldest, even on a day when language learning was less than a joy, for his learning that being polite and greeting well and giving hugs are all a way to show Jesus to our neighbors, even on tired, grumpy days.
Grateful for sticky post-its all over my window, for 3.5 and 1.5-yr-old gratitude, bits of their loved things in their hearts said Thank You to Jesus and stuck up in a collection of neon praise.  Grateful for teaching them while they are young to praise irrespective of mood, and for how it’s teaching me to do the same thing.  Grateful for the blessing and discipline of gratitude, and the sheer joy welling up more and more daily.  Grateful for…  {the list continues!}
(Words in brackets written after the timer dinged, links added in afterwards)


  1. "Grateful for all the little things that make up life". So true! It is the little things, the simple things that make all the difference! Great post!

  2. Mmmm! The roses... there's just something about the roses. So sweet and beauutiful, hardy and delicate at the same time... and since you share their name, they often make me think of you. =)