Saturday, July 10, 2010


#12-57 of the endless gifts

Grace to meet each of today’s “interruptions” graciously (on the outside, at least);

the knowledge that “interruptions” are never surprises to Jesus;

six different local friends in my home today, each of whom I pray

had the opportunity to experience

the peace of Christ here;

an extremely rare three-hour nap from Benjamin, which allowed me

to have a nap too!

William waking up happy from his nap, coming in and saying, “I get up?” (onto the bed),

snuggling in with me…

the feel of his little body curled into mine,

the promise of never being too big for mother-love.

Will and Ben playing peek-a-boo over my stomach while I was still drowsily half in my nap…

the sound of their mingled laughter.

A surprise phone call from my mother-in-law,

her good health,

the sweetness of her voice,

hearing all the news from New Zealand, one of our “homes”,

school holidays,

visits from grandchildren,

women in their seventies who adopt families of children without a stable home and expend all the rest of their waning energy looking after them for Jesus.

My sweet tutor

showing up at exactly the right moment

to help Will come in from water play while I was busy on the phone, and get dried off and dressed—

her love for Will and Ben that blesses and buoys me up.

Jesus prying me open to receive inside my home and my reluctant heart

a surprise trio of little-girl guests, ages 10 and under, who showed up at 4:30 “to learn English” (at the house of the little foreign boy with all the neat toys);

(in the midst of pizza-making, Ben-feeding, Will-managing, and summer sweat-dripping—yes, I am thankful for all those things, but sometimes not at the same time!)…

little girls who stayed for a plate of melon (Jesus’ idea)

and a story, given in two languages, about Jesus feeding 5,000 people with 5 loaves and 2 fishes…(also Jesus’ idea)

wide eyes over melon rinds—have they ever heard that story before?

have they ever heard about Jesus?

And tonight when my weary, sweaty brain was saying “I just cannot handle one more thing,” and just at that exact moment the phone rings, and it’s

my sweet tutor inviting me over to make bread with them,

a Russian phrase little Ben has just learned—“Dai ruki, dai!” (“Give hand, give!” shake hands and say hello) – pops into my mind,

and I feel Jesus in my heart,

cheerfully, bracingly, stretching his hand out,

inviting me—me, the little baby—“Dai ruki, dai!” with a smile.

Gratefully, I reached up my hand,

and took His,

and went to make bread.

Jesus being the Bread of Life

for me

for them

for the world.

The chance, through receiving their bread, to offer my Bread to them.

eating hot bread with cold watermelon for the first time.


  1. My wonderful friend, I love hearing about your adventures! I hope that you can get some rest (in more ways then one) soon. And please, explain making bread!

  2. That bread oven looks awesome.

  3. So great.... I love all of it dear Carolyn! So happy you can post pics again!!!

    Much love,