Friday, July 9, 2010

a rare photo post!

(completely bizarre... this whole blog is functioning normally, and i'm accessing from a non-secure server... a temporary ban-lift? i have no idea. thank you, Lord!)

Pictures from our recent company retreat at a big lake in a neighboring country...

#1-11 of the endless gifts

Thank you, God...

...for summer!

for sandy toes
for boys at the beach
for fresh water big enough to look and sound like salt

for my son's smile, with cheeks that look like mine at age 2 1/2
for genes that pass on into generations and live again in our children's children
for the preciousness of our blood ties

for the Preciousness of His blood tying us to Him and to one another
for rest, freely given and freely received
for blood cleansing sin like sand cleanses toes...
- sometimes rough at first, but leaving a soft soul behind

holy experience


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