Tuesday, July 27, 2010

from yesterday

#112 - 123 of the endless gifts

rest days


three hour naps




rocking out to U2 in the kitchen with my two-year-old and our air guitars

boys in the bath

the smell of clean baby

the sound of my husband reading our son the Communion Story

of my husband teaching our son to pray

of my baby’s chuckle—every giggle squeezed out like a bubble of compressed joy

the way my baby grins goodnight at me, open-mouthed, rolls over in his blue waffle blanket, wrapping it around himself, pushing at it with his feet, loving the feel of stretchy comfort, cuddling a corner up to his chin, sucking his thumb… the road to sleep

Why do I feel so much more thankful on rest days? Is it because I finally slow down enough to notice things? Make the time to write them down? Because without busy noise I can finally hear God whispering Goodness?

The challenge: to stave off the static and draw in His Signal loud and clear, despite… life. Despite interruptions. Despite tiredness. To stay thankful regardless.

Tomorrow is another Multitude Monday. Even though it is Monday, within is hidden a Multitude of Grace. Another treasure hunt. A gleeful quest for Goodness.

The breadth of my trove will determine the depth of my joy.

holy experience

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